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Many of our patients report greater improvement when they combine their Chiropractic treatment with other therapies.

Here are some of our most trusted referral partners!


Dr. Jacintha "Jaz" Roemer L.Ac. - Jaz Hands Acupuncture 


Dr. Jacintha ‘Jaz’ Roemer L.Ac., DACM, Dipl.O.M. is a Doctoral graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist. She has traveled to both Thailand and China to further her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also a certified Universal Healing Tao Medical Qi Gong instructor with over 15 years of Massage Therapy experience. Dr. Jaz is also co-owner of SD Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture, as well as being educated in a variety of massage modalities including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Circulatory Massage, Tuina and her specialty--Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage). Her office is located in the San Diego area where she lives, practices and offers courses on massage, meditation and qigong. You can learn more at

Contact Here:

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Natural Harmony Reproductive Health- Acupuncture

Natural Harmony is dedicated to providing the best in integrative reproductive healthcare. Our center specializes in fertility acupuncture, pregnancy support & holistic endometriosis & PCOS treatment. As leaders in integrative reproductive medicine in San Diego, we bring together the best of Eastern and Western medicine to create evidence based plans rooted in ancient wisdom and tradition. 


Contact Here: or (619) 512-9783


Tracie Livermore- Tracie Livermore Massage

Tracie has been in private massage practice since 1990, where she specializes in Thai Massage, Tuina, Jin Shin, Deep Tissue massage and blends of all of the above.  She is also certified in pre-and perinatal massage. Tracie has traveled to China and Thailand to enhance her work and teaching skills. She has done extensive volunteer and pro-bono work with cancer patients.


Contact Here: or (619) 249-6833


Lisa Loos- Wee Bit of Heaven Massage

Lisa is a massage enthusiast, guitar aficionado, and lover of life and dogs. She graduated from National University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, then was inspired to move forward to IPSB College for massage, where she completed the Massage Therapist program in 2007.  Specializing in a blend of massage modalities developed throughout her studies at IPSB, she keeps a positive attitude regarding relationships and success and creates with the intention of transcending mind, body, and spirit.


Contact Here: or (619) 517-8928

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Rebirth Massage

Rebirth is a wellness center that specializes in massage therapy for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. We believe that massage therapy is not a luxury, but a necessity for emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Massage has been used for centuries to increase fertility, speed labor, help with healing postpartum. In addition to the previously mentioned, we also offer womb massage and yoni steaming.


Contact Here: or (619) 458-9115

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Dr. Natasha Monterey, ND & Dr. Elizabeth Winter, ND, LM, CPM -Mosaic Integrative Medicine

Our mission is to provide a safe and respectful environment for individuals to be heard and achieve their health goals. We combine cutting-edge laboratory testing, evidence-based natural medicine, and our patients' unique preferences and values to come to come to customized treatment plans that yield big results. 

As functional medicine practitioners, we focus on identifying the root cause of symptoms and taking things a step further to identify which other systems may be involved. We use natural treatments, when appropriate, and take our patient's values and preferences into consideration at all times.

Contact Here:   or (619) 356-0498

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Dr. Alisa Sacker, MD - Team Tongue Tie


Our office specializes in laser treatment of tongue, lip, and buccal ties to help your children that have breastfeeding issues. Team Tongue Tie performs laser frenectomies using our state of the art CO2 laser. We also treat children with feeding, dental, and speech issues. We treat adults with speech issues, tie related dental problems, and chronic jaw pain.  Our practice focuses on correct diagnosis, treatment, management, follow up, and support for tongue tie issues.  We have onsite lactation support and Occupational Therapy care. We also handle referrals for Chiropractic care, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofunctional therapy, and Speech therapy.

Contact Here: or (858) 480-9454

sdbfc logo.jpeg

San Diego Breastfeeding Center

San Diego Breastfeeding Center was created to offer families in San Diego, and throughout the world, a judgment-free resource for qualified information and personalized assistance as they face the challenges of breast/chestfeeding and parenting. SDBFC was created in 2009 by International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and mom, Robin Kaplan, as a source of ongoing support for other breast/chestfeeding families.

Through a wide range of breast/chestfeeding consultations, classes, clinics, support groups, online articles, and social media, we are your one-stop-shop for all things breast/chestfeeding!

Contact Here:   or (619) 724-4117

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